“Tip”….Clean hands

Ok tiny hand washing lecture…. here is why.

I recently saw a friend clean her counter top with a Lysol wipe and then immediately (without even rinsing her hands off) grab a slippery slab of steak and toss it on the grill. I’m glad I wasn’t having dinner at her house, was all I could think.  Maybe she hates her husband I dont know but I’m sure Lysol isn’t a recommended seasoning for steak.  Not to sound like your mother, but you really should always wash your hands before cooking. I know you think to yourself “Im going to have to handle that slimy meat then wash my hands anyway,” but your bringing a different type of germ to your food. Some are hard to kill even by cooking. So trust me your mom and home- ec.  teacher were  right on that one…. but it is evenmore important that you wash them after you man handle all that raw meat. Here’s my secret to clean, fresh smelling hands.

After handling raw chicken, fish and other meats wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap, then dry them. Then for clean , no-slime, fresh feeling hands that smell good, toss some lemon juice on your hands, rub them together and rinse. Ahhh…

It also works well after chopping onions and garlic to help take the smell off your hands 🙂



No I do not have an OCD …lol.   :p


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