Strawberry Wine Cooler

Summer is here again and that means being outdoors hanging at BBQ’s and other “outsy” activities . Now I love ice cold beer straight out of a cooler … but not all the time. You all know its going to bloat you, and after awhile …. well frankly …. you get tired of the same taste over and over. So last summer I learned a new little drink that is fruity, lite, and non-bloaty. (and some of the guys usually have some as well … in a red solo cup of course) Oh and it just screams summer time 🙂 Now Im going to give it to you in 1 drink form … but in my world … I measure it out into a gallon pitcher and just keep pouring it over ice in my glass. I wouldn’t put it in a pitcher with ice and let it melt all day, it will just dilute the flavor of the drink… and no one wants a  watered down drink ….enjoy.



3 ounces of White Zinfadel

1 ounce Strawberry Liqueur

2 ounces Cranberry Juice

1 splash of Orange Juice

Fresh quartered Strawberries

Mix together … shake or stir …. pour over ice ….. and kick back. Welcome to summer 🙂



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