Saving Your Fresh Leftover Herbs

Once upon a time I would buy fresh herbs, make the intended dish, tell myself that I would use the rest of the herbs later, and then a week or so later find a rotted puddle of what appeared to be some type of herb in a plastic bag. Then about two years ago one of the cooking blogs I love showed me the light. Freeze them.

So chopping up ANY herb and putting them into on ice cube tray, and filling it up a little with olive oil to make sure it will freeze, with the herbs, is just brilliant. Just measure a tablespoon (or the amount of teaspoons your tray holds) in each square for cooking reference later. Then freeze and throw them in a ziploc bag and label. That’s as easy as it is. Fresh herbs whenever you need them !! (I used water once and the herbs will get freezer burn if not used with in the first month.)

Olive oil is the key …. no freezer burn.

Now I am a big Cilantro user and I make salsas and mexican a lot,  so there are times when I use fresh lime juice to freeze my left over Cilantro because I use it fast and most of my recipes call for lime juice. You can experiment .. as a matter of fact I encourage it !!!!

So good, now I have passed  that knowledge on and hopefully have saved some fresh tasty herbs from being wasted and turned to mush in your fridge. 🙂



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