Cooking made easy, fun, and delicious.

A person cannot live on take-out, fast food and over processed restaurant food. Well I guess technically you can, but it’s fattening and it gets  expensive… and plus it’s boring after awhile. I have often wanted something different to cook and find that today’s recipes call for ingredients that I don’t have just lying around the house, or I get to the store to find out they don’t carry that “must have” purple onion from the rainforest in Guyana. So I decided to start a blog that uses all the ordinary foods we usually buy, plus we grew up eating and loved. Made simple and good. This is not a diet-blog, or a fancy gourmet blog.  This is all about REAL food…. that anyone can cook. I am always learning and would love to try your favorite recipe and post it for others to try as well. (All credit will go to the original cook of course.) I just felt it was time to go back to the basic’s of cooking.

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